Paul Harper


Who the heck are you?

I’m Paul Harper, I’m in 30s and I’m a Virgo. I’ve lived in Glasgow for the last 11 years minus 2006 when I went travelling. I’d say that was the most crazy year of my life. I spent most of it in Sydney but along the way I went through Asia, Australia and America. When I'm not working I’ll be catching up on housework, ploughing through my 24 boxset or at the gym. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment and I’m training four times a week with my trainer Mark. Weirdly, we're doing mostly weights so I should be pumped up by the time Christmas comes. I’m pretty broody all the time and love babysitting. Fingers crossed, one day I’ll be a proud Dad too!

Whose day would you most like to brighten and how would you do it?  

All Aberdeen fans by winning the Scottish cup. Coincidentally, I support  Aberdeen too.

Do kids do the funniest things? 

Yes they do. I saw a kid doing a poo at B&Q the other day in one of the unplumbed toilets in the middle of the showroom. Unlucky to whoever had to clean that up.

Favourite childhood memory? 

Going for days out at Crathes and Drum Castles up north with my whole family. We had wonderful picnics and nine times out of ten my football would end up in a field full of cows.

Favourite person to meet and why?  

I’d love to meet and interview Madonna. She’s the world’s greatest pop star and a pic with her is missing from my hall of fame.

If you were a Muppet who would you be and why? 

Waldorf or Statler, because these questions were awful. Well actually I liked some of them, some were pretty great. Actually I loved them! Bravo, more, more!


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