Cat Harvey

Who the heck are you?
I’m a wee lassie called  Cat
Who loves to laugh and to chat
Football, friends and food
Make me feel ‘Real’ good
If it’s chocolate I’ll try it
So I’m always on a diet
I also love Scotland, Dick Van Dyke, a flask of Heinz tomato soup up a hill, T in the Park, my wee dad and living in Glasgow but they’re a nightmare to rhyme in 30 seconds...
What puts a Real Smile on Your Face? 

A Scotland goal scored on an exotic away trip. 

Whose day would you most like to brighten and how would you do it? 

My dad, just by turning up, he is easily pleased the wee soul.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Actually liking Ewen. Please don’t tell him I’ll never hear the end of it...

Share your one Real talent:  

I can kick my height after a few sherries and I can play the piano.

What is your karaoke star turn? 

Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine.


Video: Ewen and Cat have lunch on a rollercoaster

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