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The Lawson boys visit Real Radio to kick off 2013 by chatting about their favourite fans, their first major tour and whether certain stories are true!

Talking about their new single, Andy told us:

"This is about learning to love again and it's a little bit like Coldplay-esque... sort of anthemic, sort of big gang vocals, singalongy - and a bit of a festival tuney!

"It's probably our favourite live track to do - so much so that we start with it, we've been opening up with that one because it just comes in with a bang."

Catch up with the full interview below.


Lawson chat with David Heane

May 2012

Lawson visit Real Radio to chat to David Heane about supporting Westlife, touring the UK and heartbreak - we even ask a few questions direct from the fans that were waiting from the lads!

Talking about their new single When She Was Mine, the band told us:

"It's a true story, it's a heartbreak song but it's upbeat so it's still feel good - but the sentiment and the lyric is just heartbreak.

"We know a lot of people... we try and get the guys on our side there because everyone's been through it - so hopefully everyone can relate to it."

Watch the video of their interview below.

Lawson chat to David Heane

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