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Ellen Oscars Selfie

Ellen's Oscars Selfies

Ellen DeGeneres set the record for the most popular selfie of all time at the Oscars - see it and more here!

Robbie Williams And Darren Parks

Artist interviews

Catch up with the latest artist interviews - including Mark Owen, Jessie J and many more!

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We Love The 90s

We Love the 90s

Everything you need to relive the dark horse of the decades, the 90s - quizzes, competitions, galleries and more

Turntable Playing A Vinyl Record


Find out the songs we play and the type of music you're likely to hear on Real Radio.

Real Radio Music

Song Search

Missed the song title or need to know which artist was played last? Find it all here

Request A Song

Request a song

The All Request Workday gives you control over the songs we play.

Scouting For Girls

Live music sessions

All our exclusive live music sessions with Real Radio artists. Hear your favourite songs ...

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Kylie - Into The Blue

Kylie - Into the Blue

Watch the video to Kylie's sun-kissed pop anthem - a high class city romance full of street chasing and parties.

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